Flash Flooding Tragedy

On August 14, 2023, a devastating flash flood hit District Dogs, a daycare center for dogs, located in Washington, DC. The flood resulted from violent rains and caused significant damage to the facility. 

Rescue Efforts

The D.C. Fire and Rescue crew responded to the emergency and worked tirelessly to rescue both dogs and humans trapped due to the flooding. Approximately 20 dogs and numerous employees were saved from the dog daycare during the flooding. 

Loss of Lives

Tragically, ten dogs lost their lives as a result of the flash flood. The floodwaters overwhelmed the dog daycare, leading to the heartbreaking loss of these animals.

Community Support

In response to the disaster, the authorities launched a GoFundMe campaign to provide support for the affected staff members and remaining dogs. The campaign quickly gained momentum, raising over $18,564 in funds to assist those impacted by the tragedy. 

Fundraiser Details

The GoFundMe campaign was organized on behalf of Chloe Flowers by Megan Yanik. The initial goal was to raise $15,000, but the campaign successfully exceeded this target. A total of 221 people have donated, with the highest individual contribution being $500. 

Founder's Response

Jacob Hensley, the owner and founder of District Dogs, expressed his grief and condolences for the dogs that lost their lives. He emphasized the close relationship between the staff and the dogs, referring to them as members of their family. 

Flash Flood Severity

The flash floodwaters rose rapidly, reaching a height of almost six feet within a mere ten minutes outside the District Dogs facility on Rhode Island Avenue. Fire Chief John Donnelly highlighted the rapid rise of water levels and how it eventually breached the facility. 

Ongoing Efforts

District Dogs is in the process of contacting the owners of the deceased animals to inform them about the unfortunate loss. The fundraising campaign on GoFundMe continues to gather support, aiding both the affected staff and the ongoing recovery efforts for the remaining dogs. 

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