Banks offering cheapest GOLD-LOAN || what if gold loans are not paid ?

We know how much INDIA love Gold, from the ancient time we Indians love to wear GOLD.

And the GOLD-LOAN are like friends who come to help you in tough or cash crunch time.

             A gold credit is supported by gold. It is a secured loan wherein the loaning bank/NBFC accepts gold things as security, like gold adornments, trimmings, etc. The borrower is given an advance with this gold as security.

A gold credit can be utilized rather than an individual advance when getting cash from a monetary association.

Bank / NBFC

Gold Loan Interest Rate

Processing Fee

Bank of Maharashtra


Rs.500 to Rs.2000 + GST.


7.00% to 7.50%

0.50% + GST

Punjab & Sind Bank

7.00% to 7.50%

Rs.500 to 10000 max

Union Bank

7.25% to 8.25%

Canara Bank


Rs.500 to Rs.5000

Indian Bank

7.50% to 8%

0.56% of the limit sanctioned


  • Minimum and Maximum GOLD-LOAN Amount: The amount of GOLD-LOAN is varying from bank to bank and it totally depends on upon lenders. For example, ICIC bank offers loans ranging from 10,000 to 1 crore, SBI offers from 20,000 to 20 lakhs. On other hand, Muttooth finance offers GOLD-LOAN starting from 1500 rupees to no maximum restrictions.

            In August 2020 RBI  increased the loan-to-value by 75% to 90% through its regular statement.

  • Tenure of GOLD-LOAN: The span of the gold credit will likewise contrast contingent upon the moneylender. For instance, HDFC Bank offers gold credits with terms going from three to two years. The most extreme reimbursement length for an SBI gold advance is three years. Muthoot Finance offers an assortment of gold advance plans with differing reimbursement terms.

  • What are the charges: Aside from handling charges, a candidate for a gold credit might be needed to pay for the valuation of gold that will be utilized as insurance by the loaning establishment. For instance, HDFC Bank charges Rs 250 for credits up to Rs 1.5 lakh and Rs 500 for advances surpassing Rs 1.5 lakh as valuation costs.

A bank can charge expenses as well as handle and valuation charges. Subsequently, you ought to affirm all expenses and accuses the bank or NBFC before taking out the advance.

  • What are the document required: For GOLD-LOAN you have to submit several documents in the bank or NBFC.Your proof of residence (PAN, Aadhaar, and so forth) and verification of address (Aadhaar, visa, Voter-ID card, and so on) are generally needed, just as your photo. Any extra documentation that might be required differs by the bank.

  • What if the GOLD-LOAN is NOT paid?

As per the HDFC Bank site, “in case of a non-reimbursement of a Gold Loan, the bank starts by sending email and SMS suggestions to the borrower about EMI installment. Certain reformatory charges or financing costs are evaluated on the Gold Loan sum once a set time allotment has elapsed. On the off chance that the Gold Loan total isn’t paid notwithstanding rehashed subsequent meet-ups inside the period set by the bank, the bank will offer or sell the gold adornments to recover the credit cash.”

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