Holi: Top 10 Tips for a Healthy and Safe Holi

“Bura na mano holi hai!”. Holi is the festival of colors and love.WE know how the holi celebration is started, well holi is started from the time of Lord Krushna. Krishna use to play the colors with Radha,gopikasand his friends. This holiday is the most important festival of our ‘Hindu Sanskruti’, celebrated all over the world. This year we are going to celebrate Holi on 18 march.

                 Well, we all are going to celebrate Holi this year but, it is important to keep yourself safe and also enjoy to the fullest at this festival. We can’t compromise our health for sake of fun.
                     On holi, lots of people indulge in activities that aren’t really safe and healthy. This includes using chemicals in colors. Chemicals might penetrate the top layer of your skin and cause a breakout of acne and rashes. Also, some people purchase sweets that might be adulterated and lead to digestive problems.
So we will give some useful tips on celebrating hold, so you can play a healthy holiday

Tips to Keep in Mind for a Healthy & Safe Holi

  • 1)Choose Organic color: Holi is a celebration of color, so the colors we used to play Holi are must be organic. Chemical colors may cause some skin-related problems.These colors are cheap in price and stuck on the skin for a long time but it is very harmful. So use Eco-Friendly colors or natural colors 
  • 2)Oil your Skin ASAP :
  • It is vital to get your skin as oily and as tricky as conceivable with the goal that the shadings don’t get an opportunity to either saturate or stick on the outer layer of your skin. You can apply a thick layer of coconut oil as it won’t simply hydrate your body yet will assist tones with washing ceaselessly quicker.
  • 3)drink water regularly :
  • Since Holi falls in the mid year month, it’s fundamental that you drink sufficient water and remain hydrated. Continue drinking water, glucose, juices, anything that will help you recharging yourself. Drying out can make your skin dry further which can create some issues later.
  • 4)Assuming you wear contact focal points consistently, it is exceptionally prudent that you take them off prior to playing with colors. Your eyes can get bothered assuming that you get colors in them. Wear conceals, it won’t just safeguard you from the sun, yet it can likewise keep the shadings from going anyplace close to your eyes and causing aggravation.
  • 5)Corrupted khoya and mawa are exceptionally normal in the market during Holi time. Test these elements for virtue before you put them in desserts.
  • 6)As our grandmother says wear old cloths and cover all body .Pick full-sleeved textures, old denim pants, and, surprisingly, long night wear.
  • 7)It’s memorable’s essential the symptoms of being on our wellbeing. Whenever it is consumed in enormous amounts, it can prompt expanded circulatory strain and a climb in pulse which can discourage the merriments. Along these lines, drink bhang dependably.
  • 8)Not every person honestly loves tones around you. You should keep away from colors on pets, strays, and honest creatures. Regard everybody around you with regards to playing with colors, or tossing water inflatables.
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