How to make Independence Day Status In Alight Motion

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India is celebrating 75 years of independence . On 15 Aug 1947 India got Independence after a long freedom fight with the British emperor. This great event is named ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav.

in this article, we are going to edit 3D Independence day video editing, on the occasion of 75 the Independence day of the Republic of India.

Watch Demo here to see what we are really going to create.

We are using the Alight motion App to edit this type of video. first, you have to download this application. you can download it through the below link.

After successfully installing the application, you need some material to edit your Independence day status, below in this article, I provided some free-to-use material for you.

Follow the following steps to create this fantastic video :

step1) Import the Alight motion beat-bookmark project and 3D camera project from below.

step2)first open the beat mark and Carefully listen song.

Step 3)Add a background image, Png, and then map PNG of India as mentioned in the video.

Step 4)Adjust the ‘z’ axis of all images added to the project for that you have to watch our full tutorial.

Step5)After adjusting ‘the z-axis of all layers in the project add ‘3D layer’ and just on the layer.

Step 6) ok, Your video is now ready to export. just click on the export option.

&Hence we created Independence day 3D video using Alight motion. 

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Alight motion Project

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