iOS 17 Hands-On – Top 10 Features

iOS 17 has arrived, and it’s creating waves in the world of iPhones. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the top 10 features that make iOS 17 a game-changer for iPhone users. From enhanced language models to interactive widgets, iOS 17 is packed with exciting updates that will elevate your iPhone experience.

iOS 17 Hands-On - Top 10 Features

1. Upgraded Language Model

iOS 17 introduces an upgraded language model that significantly improves your phone’s understanding of your input. Autocorrect is now more accurate than ever, capturing subtle nuances and context. Dictation is a standout feature, as your phone awaits your intonation to add punctuation and even handles swear words more intelligently.

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2. FaceTime Augmented Reality Effects

FaceTime gets a facelift with augmented reality effects. While these effects may not be everyone’s cup of tea, they add a layer of expression to your video calls. The effects work seamlessly, even if the other person doesn’t have iOS 17, thanks to the TrueDepth camera system.

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3. Portrait Mode Effects

iOS 17 brings portrait mode effects to FaceTime, allowing you to adjust lighting and background blur during video calls. This feature works not only in FaceTime but also in third-party apps like Zoom and WebEx, taking your video calls to the next level.

4. Personalized Contact Posters

One of the headline features of iOS 17 is personalized contact posters. This feature lets you choose a name, emoji, photo, or letter for your contact poster. While customization is not unlimited, it adds a touch of professionalism to your contacts list. Each person is now responsible for their own image, making it easier to maintain consistency.

5. Airdrop Improvements

Airdrop in iOS 17 has seen significant improvements. Now, you can initiate transfers simply by bringing two iOS 17+ devices close together. NFC technology ensures easy pairing, and even if you step away, the transfer seamlessly switches to an indirect method.

6. Siri Upgrades

Siri receives some much-needed upgrades in iOS 17. You can now activate Siri with just “Siri” instead of “Hey Siri.” The continued conversation feature allows for more natural interactions with Siri. It can even read web pages aloud, making it feel like a personalized radio station.

7. Safari Profile Mode

Safari in iOS 17 introduces profile modes for work and fun. While tab groups already exist, this feature allows you to switch between modes quickly. It’s a specialized feature that may not be for everyone but offers enhanced organization.

8. Standby Mode

iOS 17 introduces a standby mode when your phone is locked and charging. It offers interactive widgets, a photos page, and different clock styles, creating a more passive way to stay updated. It’s especially useful for monitoring your phone while working or in other situations.

9. Interactable Home Screen Widgets

The iOS 17 home screen allows you to call contacts, launch FaceTime calls, send WhatsApp messages, and control music and podcasts, all with the press of a button. These widgets keep you out of apps, promoting more focused and less distracting phone usage.

10. Messages Enhancements

Messages get a sleek interface upgrade in iOS 17. Speech detection is improved, instantly transcribing voice notes. The new “check-in” feature uses location data to inform your contacts when you’ve reached your destination, eliminating the need for constant updates.

But perhaps the most entertaining addition is the ability to create custom stickers from your photos, complete with interactive effects. While it may lead to chaotic chats, it’s a fun and expressive way to communicate.

In conclusion, iOS 17 is a substantial update that brings significant improvements to iPhone users. From enhanced language understanding to interactive widgets and improved messaging features, it offers a more intuitive and enjoyable user experience.


1. When can I get iOS 17?

iOS 17 is currently in beta, but the official release is expected in the coming months. Keep an eye on your software updates.

2. Will iOS 17 slow down my older iPhone?

While iOS updates may impact older devices, Apple strives to optimize performance. Check for compatibility with your specific iPhone model.

3. Can I use the new Siri features on older iPhones?

Some Siri features may be available on older iPhones, but the extent of compatibility may vary.

4. Are the interactive widgets customizable?

Yes, you can customize the interactive widgets on your home screen to some extent, tailoring them to your preferences.

5. How do I create custom stickers in iOS 17?

To create custom stickers, simply hold down a face in a photo and click “Create a sticker.” You can then add interactive effects to them.

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