Spider Man N Way Home Download || Watch it before Spider man No Way Home 16 Dec

 SPIDER-MAN -No Way Home 

Release date :16 December 2021 (India) 

 Director :Jon Watts 

 Music by :Michael Giacchino 

 Production companies: Columbia Filmland; Marvel Workrooms; Pascal Pictures 

 Produced by :Kevin Feige; Amy Pasca

 Grounded on Spider- Man; by Stan Lee; Steve Ditko 

SPOILER ALERT The following review contains spoilers. 

The most awaited Film of 2021 & of marvel After Avengers Endgame gonna release tomorrow. 

16 Dec in India & at 17 Dec n other countries. 

As there are lot’s of leaks & Fan theories the excitement increases, Finnaly tomorrow the Day when it is going to release in English, Hindi & in Tamil .

What do you call the contrary of a reboot? The “ system load” of “ Spider- Man” pictures, Sony’s ninth (and nearly clearly not last) point- length variation on the friendly neighborhood superhero, “ Spider- Man No Way Home” seeks to connect Tom Holland’s spin on the web-slinger with the former live- action performances of the character by first reassembling a mischief’s gallery of all the villains Peter Parker has subdued to date. Returning director Jon Watts — whose bright, slightly dorky touch lends a welcome durability to this rearmost trio — wrangles the cumbrous premise into a constantly amusing superhero entry, tying up two decades of loose ends in the process. 

The mind- bending plot hinges on a accessible ridiculous book device called the multiverse, which allows horizonless duplications of Spider- Man/ mineral/ vegetable to live in their own resemblant confines. That’s a radically different strategy from the one Sony has been hawking till now, whereby the plant simply remake the character every many times (lest the rights return back to Marvel), without offering important in the way of check to suckers of Tobey Maguire’s or Andrew Garfield’s before jaunts. 


 Granted, the idea should be familiar to anyone who saw 2018’s animated “ Spider- Man Into the Spider- Verse,” which introduced the thrilling possibility that nearly anyone could be Spidey. But whereas that toon suggested horizonless paths for the character going forward, “ No Way Home” serves to wrap up what has come ahead, starting by reviving Spidey’s history adversaries, forcing Holland’s Peter Parker to face off against five of the villains pulled in from the pictures that anteceded him. 

It all happens because Peter’s life has been turned upside down by Mysterio (the bad joe he subdued at the end of “ Far From Home” two times agone), who managed to unmask Spidey before smelling the dust. Hopeless to cover his family and musketeers, Peter prayers to all-important wizard Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to cast a spell that will make everyone forget his identity. Rather, the plan backfires, calling everyone who ever knew that Peter was Spider-Man out of their dimension and into his. 

To make effects a little easier for the movie to manage, it’s really only the villains who answer Strange’s calling — which is emotional enough, considering that means enlisting Alfred Molina (Doc Ock), Willem Dafoe (Green Goblin), Jamie Fox (Electro), Thomas Haden Church (Sandman) and Rhys Ifans (The Lizard) to duplication their places. Meanwhile, to make effects easier for Spider- Man to manage, none is indeed ever as bogarting as we remember them. 
 “ No Way Home” keeps the surprises coming up to (and indeed through) the end credits, but maybe the most unanticipated is Peter’s decision — together with gal MJ (Zendaya) and stylish cub Ned (Jacob Batalon) — not to master these villains the way his forerunners did. Rather, Peter hopes to “ cure” the mugs of the mutations that are making them unhappy, indeed if it means defying Doctor Strange (one of several characters on loan from the broader Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which Holland’s Spider- Man has been making now-regular appearances). 
Peter’s empathy seems impeccably befitting for a movie that targets a fresh surge of romantic teens veritably much engaged with questioning everything Western civilization allowed it knew about crime and discipline, power and honor. As a critic who grew up on pictures in which the bad guys were routinely impaled (Tony Goldywn in “ Ghost”), guillotined (Dennis Hopper in “ Speed”) or else made to pay dearly for their sins, it’s fascinating to encounter an escapist Hollywood immolation that seeks to understand the root of these characters’megalomaniacal geste. 
 The reason, as Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers’ script tries to explain, is that this interpretation of Peter is still dealing with Mysterio’s death. In that response, we see the ballot trying to make the character more completely dimensional and dare I say “ realistic” — much as 21st-century Bond “ Casino Royale” and Christopher Nolan’s “ The Dark Knight” did in feting the physical risk saving the world had on their separate protagonists. 
For my plutocrat, Holland has been the least intriguing of the three big- screen Spider- Men, coming across youngish and less mature than Maguire or Garfield. Until now. This simple plot development makes him further than just an acrobat in spandex, juggling awkward high academy gests with flashy visual goods battles — although both rudiments carry through to this film, in which council acceptance carries equal weight with a big CG showdown at the Statue of Liberty. He’s further dismembering the Marvel- movie formula (which formerly got a massive worried with the “ Perpetuity War”- ending “ snap” and ineluctable time- trip gimmick it took to reverse it) and indeed going so far as to review cult’ collaborative notion of heroism in the process. 

The nerd theories,leaks and the biggest film after lockdown makes Spider-Man spetial and attracted many viewers. 

The film going to crack many records & create history. 
If the 3 spidyies comes together & Fight against willans it will be great treat for fans 👍.

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