youtube par subscribe kaise badhaye ? (100% working method for 2022) | How to youtube subscriber increase ?

 Hello friends, everyone who makes their channel on YouTube he have First Target is to complete the 1000 subscribers and 4000 hr. watch time in the twelve months.

We know friends that the 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time Is the threshold for applying to the YouTube partner program. When your channel completed this threshold it is applicable or eligible for applying the monetization.

So friends I am giving some information or some tricks to complete this threshold,

Below I give some information or some steps to complete 1000 subscribers and watch time  fastly so follow the steps to be successful in YouTube :

(to understand more Read below brief section )

1)Upload Quality Content.
2)Put Attractive Thumbnails on Video.
3)Make an Attractive Intro for your channel.
4)Write a good title and description of the video.
5)Always make videos on Searchable Topic.
6)Understand the search intent of users and make videos.
7)Make sure to use hashtags.
8)Ask the viewers to subscribe to the channel.
9)Enter regular videos.
10)Set the time to upload the video.
11)Make videos of 3 to 5 minutes.
12)Make the video entertaining.
13)Share your videos on a social media platform.
Get your friends subscribed.

1)  the first step is to final the category of your channel,

 friends from the lockdown from 2020, the competition on YouTube is increased and a lot of the channels grows in this period. if you are entering the world of YouTubers you have to final the category of YouTube channel. first confirm the topic of your YouTube channel on which you are going to upload more videos and you are thinking that the information you are giving is different, not available on YouTube so the people will subscribe to your channel.

2) How to upload videos

After finalizing the category of YouTube channel Next step is 2 to learn how to upload videos on YouTube.

 you will find mini videos that are related to how to upload videos learn all related things like how to write descriptive titles, tags, descriptions.

 when you learn all these things you will be able to rank your video on YouTube

3) the third step is to customize your channel

  customization means making it very attractive for that you have to make a very attractive banner you can make Ben also using a pixel lab in mobile for the Photoshop in desktop.

  another thing is to add your channel’s intro make a small intro and had it on the homepage of your channel. attractive profile picture.

4) after the customization and learning all the things related to uploading the videos now is just time to upload the videos friends I will suggest you if you want to grow Firstly I will advise you to upload the short related to the category of your YouTube channel.

  when you look at the trending section of YouTube you will find more videos cut short that is the YouTube really promote the shorts more than the long videos. So upload 10 to 15 shots related to the category, so that if any video is get viral you can get the subscribers and after that upload, the long videos and the 1000 subscribers will be completed know that time to complete the watch time.

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5)  to complete the watch time you have to upload the quality videos, you have to build the ability to Engage the people in your videos so the people watch your video for a longer time. Also so go live once in a week to complete the watch time after 1000 subscribers will be completed but first to complete the what time we have to upload more shorts in 2022 friends the shorts are really important.

And friends some people will advise you to complete the subscribers by some tricks like using some third party applications or a sub for sub-WhatsApp groups don’t listen to the foolish peoples who advise like this to you friends for the success there is no shortcut so working hard on YouTube is the key to success on YouTube there is no another shortcut to successful on YouTube

 thank you

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