How to Add Payment Method In Google AdSense Account || step by step detail how to add bank account to Google

Hello friends, After successfully Monatizing the YouTube Channel Next Step is to Adding A bank Account To Google AdSense Account. 

       SO let’s see how to add bank account to Google AdSense
To add bank accounts first you have to complete 10 $ in AdSense account. After completing 10 $ You got ‘Add Payment method ‘ Option in AdSense Home page or you can click on 3 lines or menu Option then on Payment and you will get this option. 
  1. STEP 1) Click On Payment .
  2. STEP 2) Click on Add Payment method. 
  3. STEP 3) Then The form will open you have fill the form carefully what is need to fill👇
  •  Benifitiary ID which is Optional so skip it
  • Your name as on bank account 
  • Name of your bank account. 
  • IFSC code 
  • SWIFT CODE: For swift code you have to visit your bank and ask manager to the code he will give a 11 digit swift code.
  • Your Account Number 
  • Re enter your account number 
  • The Click on yes 
Please check ✔ the information and then click on save
Now your bank account is ready to receive your payment .

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.Thank you. 

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